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"Thanks so much to you, Karen and Barry, for helping me. I'm a little freaked out it was'nt my imagination - guess that is how I dealt with it before you all came over. The house has been very quiet since you left and no more paper rustling and cups clinking thank goodness. Even the rooms where you did your work seem more light filled, and peaceful . Thanks so much again, I am so grateful. I hope you realize what a valuable service you provide, for both physical and non physical persons."
Best wishes R.G.- DVM - Ridgefield Ct

"Dear Kathy: Thank you for the fabulous program! You, Karen, and Barry were absolutely fascinating and everyone agreed they could have listened for hours more! It is so intriguing to learn that there is so much paranormal activity so close to home. Thank you for being so generous with your time. Best of luck in all your future endeavors."
Sincerely Jean ..Program Chair for the Women's Civic Club of Katonah

"Hi Kathy: I am so thankful to you and the team for all your incredible words of wisdom. I feel such a sense of clarity and peace now that I understand what is going on. You are truly a gift from God ! You've helped me so much words cannot express how grateful I am. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!"
Love and Blessings Angela - Mahopac, NY

"Many thanks to the Katonah Paranormal Team for the guidance and vote of confidence that I was not imagining what was going on in my home. The evidence that you produced is simply amazing! It was a wonderful experience seeing the three of you in action, and when you are back down this way for any reason, I hope you'll stop by for some tea (if you ever take sustenance in the field!) Thanks for telling me about Sara... you are wonderful!"
Beth - N.Salem, NY

"Thank you so kindly for your lovely reply. I find all the info you gave me very comforting. I called my sister and read your letter to her, she found it very helpful in dealing with the recent death of her close friend. We are most grateful and would highly recommend you and your team."
Sincerely K -Plesantville, NY

"Dear Kathy : Thank you , Karen and Barry from the bottom of my heart for coming to our home. The ghost is gone..she has been gone for a while now, and peace has been restored. As you know the turning on and off of lights and making noise was annoying but harmless, but when she started turning on the gas fireplace , my husband and I became angry, as we felt it could have been very dangerous. This could have been a frightening experience for our family, but the three of you handled it with grace and love. You may remember when you told me that the activity may become a bit more intense for a day or two, and then subside. Well, it did and armed with your instructions of taking control of the situation, when the noise and the lights started in the sitting room at 3am, my husband went in there and told her to leave his home! He was forceful and meant it when he told her to "get out". I know "she" meant us no harm, but she was very invasive and too much of a presence. I just don't know what we would have done if you were not recommended to us."
Thanks and Love Liz - Bronxville, NY

"Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me understand what was occuring in my home . Because of the information you gave me I understand more and our "friend" has been ever so quiet! Thank you so much!!! You guy's are the best!!!"
H - Bedford -NY

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