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Mission Statement

The goal of Katonah Paranormal is to offer aid and support to those experiencing situations that are believed to be paranormal in nature. Our main aim is to educate and reassure, as well as to assist in finding solutions to recurring phenomena.

Katonah Paranormal is a unique group of very experienced, dedicated and ethical investigators who regularly explore and document claims of the paranormal. We offer fully comprehensive services that combine scientific findings with intuitive impressions and historical research.

We have just added a new page with EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) from various investigations that Katonah Paranormal conducted over the past few years. Click the button below to read about each sample and listen to the audio clip from the investigation.

NEW! Katonah Paranormal's "Monteverde at Oldstone" Investigation.

Listen to EVP samples

"Knowledge is power and the more you know the less mystery and fear it can hold over you."
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