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Energy field that surrounds, penetrates, and extends out beyond the physical body, that is electromagnetic and made up of varying vibrations and frequencies. The aura has physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual elements, and is a constant flow of energy.


It’s simply a way to rid yourself and your surroundings of negativity. There are many ways to do this, and a few examples are: Smudging with incense, sage, or other herbs. Using infused water, and or using visualization.


The art of using different systems/tools to detect subtle energies in order to obtain different types of information. Often simple tools are used such as pendulums or rods but, a person can also read subtle energies with the mind or parts of the body.


Electronic Voice Phenomena - please see section marked EVP


In my opinion from observation, a ghost does not interact or seem aware of its surroundings. This leads me to believe (at this time) that a ghost is residual energy.


this type of haunting involves a spirit that has either decided to stay for whatever reason: ex: fear of what is ahead, non-belief, etc, or a traumatic event has occurred and has caused confusion to the extent that they stay where they know they are safe.


Appear in photographs as spheres of light. They range in size and vary in transparency and color. For more info please go to this recommended website.


playback of a past event. Like an endless loop of film or audio tape. Do you see the same apparition doing the same thing over and over? Perhaps you hear the same noises the same time every day? Does the apparition seem oblivious and not aware of its surroundings? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be witnessing a Residual Haunting. Certain building materials (rock with high quartz content and iron) as well as what are under the ground (again rock, iron, water) may contribute to the imprinting of this energy. We are beings of energy and when a burst of our energy is released, such as in a traumatic event, these materials record and hold this energy/event. Everything is made up of energy and energy cannot be destroyed. It is still unclear what triggers the playback.


The vital principle or animating (energy) force within living things. This is what is dealt with in what is called an intelligent haunting.


This is a spirit that has “moved on”, ascended, retains consciousness, personality. They have everything except a physical body. They can come and go as desired. Like when you think of someone that has passed or ask for their help...they still have free will to do as they want.
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