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What does a consultation with your paranormal experts involve?

Normally, a client will phone or email us and we will access your specific needs. An appointment is usually made at that time to meet and discuss your concerns. A survey of the premises is then conducted to asses if further exploration is necessary.

What can I expect during a Site Investigation?

Consent forms and waivers are signed by the client and then equipment is set up where necessary. Investigators will go from room-to-room collecting intuitive impressions in conjunction with taking photos and recordings. Length of time required for investigations may vary and will usually be carried out during daytime hours, unless other arrangements are made.

Why is historical research on my property or land necessary?

Historical research findings may be relevant to the investigation, providing important background information that may pertain to the activity being experienced. Historical research can sometimes be time-consuming. Therefore, we have found it necessary to charge for this service. Clients may wish to pursue historical research independently.

What is an Investigation Review?

After the site investigation, all evidence will be collated and evaluated prior to it being presented to the client. Dependent upon findings, the client may decide to have a clearing/blessing.


Residential, Commercial, Outbuilding and Land Clearings or a Blessing is offered on a donation basis, as an additional service to clients.

Will there be any additional charges, if I wish to have copies of hard evidence?

Yes, requests for copies incur additional expenses to the paranormal team. Therefore, all copies of historical research, photos, EVP and video footage will be charged to the client.

Will I be required to cover any of the paranormal team's expenses?

Dependent on location, travel, food and accommodation expenses may be incurred and these will need to be reimbursed.

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