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EVP Audio Clips

The following EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) are from various investigations that Katonah Paranormal conducted over the past few years. They represent just a small sample of the recorded evidence we have collected. Please note that all EVP clips, recorded material, and photographic images used on this website are copy written and exclusively owned by Katonah Paranormal. Use without prior permission is prohibited.

He Calls Him Friend

A homeowner in Carmel, NY who was anxious to get to the bottom of strange occurrences in his new home contacted us for an investigation. Several times, heavy footsteps were heard walking the full length of the second floor and back again when no one was on that level. A faucet could be heard turning on and off in the basement. Some mornings, all of the car windows were found open in the garage even though they were securely closed the night before. The attic door was mysteriously found ajar by several inches when the family came home after being away for the day. And voices were often heard in the house, as if two or three people were having a conversation. This EVP was captured during our investigation. You can clearly hear a male voice saying, "He calls him friend". This may be in reference to the homeowner who eventually accepted the spirit's presence and gave the name Mr. Bojangles.

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Restaurant in Mt. Kisco, NY

The following clips come from an investigation at a restaurant in Mt. Kisco, NY. The owner contacted us because the basement/kitchen-storage area had such an unusual atmosphere that the staff refused to go down there for more than a few minutes at a time. The amount of EVP collected was impressive to say the least. Clip #1 has a child's voice in saying, "Hello?" Clip #2 features a female voice talking over one of our team saying, "Do not leave". Clip #3 reveals a female voice saying, "(Unintelligible) ... get out." In Clip #4, a harsh whispering voice can be heard saying, "What happened?".

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While investigating a famous historic home in Westchester County, we were given access to a dilapidated farmhouse on the grounds. This clip was recorded as we were on the second floor of the two floor farmhouse. The house was totally silent, but upon playback two voices could be heard having a heated argument. The first is a female voice saying, "Daddy said come home ..." which is interrupted by a male voice yelling, "Bullsh*t". Since the expression "Bullsh*t" was only common after WWII, we can make a rough estimate of the time period the spirit lived.

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The house we investigated in Hopewell Junction, NY has a history of paranormal occurrences: Footsteps walking up the stairs at night, a light in a cabinet that turns itself on at random times, loud knocks in the middle of the night, the feeling of someone sitting on the corner of a bed at night, and the Christmas tree lights being turned on while everyone was asleep to name just a few. In this clip, the team had just asked if the spirit could tell us its name. Less than a minute later a voice can be heard saying, "Seth". It sounds like a young boy, aged 10 or 11. The house had been built on the site of an old cabin. Pottery fragments were found in the yard, as well as part of a stone foundation.

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Whipped Child

This very sad and disturbing recording was made while investigating a house in Irvington, NY. The recorder was left in a silent room, and upon playback the following can be heard: A woman's voice saying, "Pick it up"; a whip, a child crying out "Owww"; and another women's voice saying, "...Marina's house". The house was built in the 1970's on the site of an old estate. The horse stables and carriage house are still standing directly behind the house where the recording was made. The recordings and other evidence collected lead us to believe that a child led a very sad and abusive existence on the site of the current house, sometime in the early to mid 1800's.

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Also recorded at the house in Irvington, NY, this clip once again features the voice of a child. He can be heard just before our investigator asks, "Can you tell us your name?" This is the second of three recordings made at the home that contains a child's voice. The third recording has a child clapping its hands, singing "Wee, hee, hee", and then clapping again. Needless to say, there were no children in the house when these recordings were made—just the concerned owner who had felt that something was wrong with the house from the moment she moved in.

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Sick Room

This is one of the clearest and most chilling examples of EVP that we have ever heard. It was recorded at the historic home mentioned in the "Farm house" clip. We were drawn to a small, dark room in the upper level of the house where we felt that a young woman had died. This portion of the house would have been the servant's quarters. On the recording, you can hear Karen talk about how the energy the woman held onto is still evident in the room, and that she doesn't think that she survived the illness the three of us were intuitively picking up on. Over the voice of Karen is another voice, that of a young woman in distress. She is saying three sentences. The first two are open to interpretation, but the third seems to be saying, "They're gonna go kill him". At the time of this recording, a camera crew was in the hallway filming, and everyone was silent because we were recording for EVP. Strangely enough, this voice did not appear on the film.

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