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Kathleen O'Donnell

From an early age, Kathy was exceptionally sensitive to energies around her, often seeing orbs, lights, and beings, believing that this was all a very natural part of life. Ultimately, these childhood experiences led to a focused study of the paranormal, and energy healing. I have always been drawn to help people (with and without bodies) and animals. In order to hone her awareness more finely to the subtle energies she senses, Kathy was certified as a Reiki Master/Teacher and also received ordination as an Interfaith Minister to assist in her mission, and sought the guidance of leaders in the Paranormal Investigation field. Kathy studied and received college level certification with one such teacher and author, Troy Taylor. Taylor has written extensively on the subject and Kathy credits him with providing a scientific balance to her work. Kathy is also certified as a Hypnotist, EFT(emotional freedom technique) practitioner, Silva Method graduate, Aura/Chakra Photographer, and a Dowser.

Soul Portrait by Susan Emily Pitt
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